By Dominique Banas — 12/28/11

Occupiers have made their way to Ron Paul.

Tonight Dr. Paul was holding a Salute to Veterans at the Iowa State Fair Grounds when protestors yelled “End the Fed.”

The Republican Congressman remained unfazed while he responded “Freedom of speech, isn’t it great?!” Members of the crowd pushed the protestors to the back while the media tried to record what was happening. The crowd continued to cheer the candidate.

Earlier that day seven occupiers were arrested at Romney’s headquarters for trespassing. One of those Jalan Crossland attended tonight’s Paul event. He described how civil the police were when he was arrested. “They hauled us all to jail and they were polite. I have to hand it to the Des Moines police. They were great. There have been a lot meaner police in other places around the country. I thought they were really friendly. They made conversation.”

The Wyoming native plans to occupy other candidates’ events this week. “The reason we do that is to get the attention of people. Getting thrown in jail gets the attention of media and it gets our message out to the people.”