By Dominique Banas— 12/29/11

Michele Bachmann has promised Iowan Mortgage Brokers more jobs. 

Today Bachman met with the Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers for a Q&A at the State House in downtown Des Moines. Bachman is determined to make the housing market robust again. “You ain’t seen nothin yet,” she said.

If she is elected President Bachmann promised she would improve the economy through job creation and decrease in the national debt.

Bachmann claims the Obama administration and Dodd-Frank legislation is to blame for the current financial crisis. She disagrees with the Democrats belief about who created the crisis. “They blamed the financial crisis on the private sector. They blamed it on mortgage bankers for one and on private sector misconduct and insufficient regulations.”

Bachmann stressed the importance of bringing more investments to the U.S. “We need innovation here. You have to have jobs if people buy homes.”

Today Bachman will conclude her bus tour in Nevada, Iowa.