By Liz Montaquila –12/29/11

Michelle Bachmann plans to be America’s “Iron Lady.” That means she wants to follow in Margaret Thatcher’s footsteps. When Ronald Reagan was president, he and the British Prime Minister had a close relationship. He invaded Grenada while her troops took on the Falkland Islands. Now Bachmann wants to do the same but this time with the economy.

This morning, Congresswoman Bachmann told voters that as president of the United States she will turn the economy around and create jobs. She promised to repeal Obamacare and eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency.

Bachmann described Obamacare as socialism. She said that socialized medicine in the United State drives up costs, reduces access to medical services, and deprives physicians of true choice.

Bachmann said she would introduce tort reform and provide incentives as part of her plan to reform health care. As a result, she said Americans would be able to pay for services with their own tax-free money.

Bachmann was also passionate about eliminating government regulatory agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency. Even though she told the crowd “we have to have clean air and water,” she supported the practice of fracking as well as drilling for oil , mining coal, and extracting natural gas. The Congresswoman boasted “I am the one to get us to energy independence” but did not talk about any nontraditional energy resources such as wind and solar.

Bachmann spoke to voters at a financial institution in Des Moines, Iowa. This evening she will be wrapping up her 99 county Iowa bus tour, and will set her sights on the New Hampshire Primary after next week’s Caucus.