By Cat Ross — 12/30/11

Below freezing temperatures were no match for these supporters. A crowd of over one-thousand came to hear Mitt Romney. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie flew in for the event. He urged Iowans to replace President Obama. But it sounded more like a threat.

“If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do on Tuesday,” Christie said, “I’ll be back—Jersey style.”

Pleasant Hill native Sherm Ploeger is still undecided but was reassured by Christie’s endorsement.

“I like that Chris Christie likes him,” Ploeger said. “He has done great things for New Jersey and I feel like I can trust his opinion.”

Four years ago Paul Bissinger caucused for Romney. Bissinger disagrees with the opinion that Romney’s business background is a negative thing.

“He’s a success,” Bissinger said. “Are we going to forbid successful people from taking office in one of the best countries in the world?”

Ploeger agrees that the former CEO gained management experience in the private sector.

“You can’t have a business without having employees,” Ploeger said. “Romney had to deal with different personalities and different points of view.”

Romney has promised to be a businessman who will get Americans back to work. January third will determine what Iowans truly think.