By Dominique Banas –12/30/11

Democrats are still going strong in Iowa even though the focus is on the GOP.

Today Iowa Democratic Chair Sue Dvorsky and DNC Vice President RT Rybak held a press conference on behalf of the party in West Des Moines.

They immediately started criticizing the Republicans leading candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign. Rybak focused on what he considered Romney’s failing policies. “I think there is a very strong case to be made that Mitt Romney would a great candidate to go against Obama because he is an example of everything that went wrong with the econ

omy and how we can’t go back to that.”

Chairwoman Dvorsky denounced what she called Romney’s flip flopping on issues. “We believe that that Governor Romney’s record speaks for itself- over and over in every possible way you can speak, he’s on every side of every issue.”

Dvorsky assured Democrats would be standing by President Obama on Caucus Night. Tuesday President Obama is scheduled to appear at caucus sites via satellite at 7pm. “He will come through rooms,schools, theaters, gyms and he’s going to talk to Iowa Democrats about why this matters, about what he has done, and about what he wants moving forward just like he did four years ago.”

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