By Micaeli Rourke — 12/30/11

The Occupation’s voice is being heard loudly and clearly. Today that was proven with “mic-checks.” Five times they were used to disrupt a Progressive Democrats of America panel.

"Building the Progressive Party Inside and Outside the Democratic Party

“We can solve our problems. We’ve pulled the wool from our eyes. We see through your sweet lies. Democrats co-opt the people’s voice. We won’t make that false choice. We’ll create disruption until we end this corruption.”

However, these weren’t just any panelists being upstaged. The Reverend Jesse Jackson, John Nichols, Washington columnist for The Nation magazine, and Jean Ross, President of National Nurses United, listened patiently to the protesters’ grievances.

Moderator Nichols thanked them for their disruption. “Let’s take that seriously… In my mind the biggest challenge in America is the Democratic Party because for too long it has been the party that has managed the crises that Republicans make.”

The conversation continued to be interrupted by dissenters, including an 87-year old widow.

“Right now the money is what’s talking. Big corporations are giving money to both parties. Our laws are supposed to be made by politicians on behalf of their constituents. Right now the money is what’s deciding our nation’s future.”

Reverend Jackson urged protesters to channel their grievances into action, rather than washing their hands of the political process.

“You cannot allow your political frustrations to result in political inaction, because that will only lead to the election of the wrong candidate.” Jackson continued that Americans’ only guaranteed political power is their ability to vote, and waiving that ability would only exacerbate their frustrations.




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