By Cat Ross — 1/1/12

Michele Bachmann is letting God take the wheel. This morning she spoke about His role in her life. Bachmann gave the Sunday sermon at the Jubilee Family Church, an evangelical church in Oskaloosa, Iowa to almost two-hundred church-goers. Both supporters and undecided voters listened to the Congresswoman. Jane Simonson drove an hour and a half from West Des Moines for the service.

“I like her because she stands up for biblical principles, especially things like gay marriage and abortion,” Simonson said.
Bachmann gave a heartfelt testimony about the moment she committed to a life of Christianity. Her teen years were marked by her parents’ divorce and a struggling spirituality. Bachmann described how emotional it was when she was 16 years old and gave her life to Jesus Christ. Former Iowa House Representative Danny Carroll is supporting Bachmann. He was moved by her sermon.

“I respect her Christian witness,” Carroll said, “and also her independent stance not to just go along and get along.”
He thinks Washington would benefit from someone with strong Christian values. The church’s Reverend Bill Tvedt had earlier decided not to endorse any candidates. But he urged the congregation to vote for a candidate’s morals rather than his or her public appearance.

“It’s not a question of who to vote for, but a question of what we vote for,” Tvedt said.

Bachmann is currently near the bottom in Iowa polls. She hopes her Christian faith will help her gain momentum from the evangelical vote.