By Garrett Turner

More Occupiers have been arrested. Early this afternoon the movement congregated at the Iowa State Capitol and marched to Stewart Square. Soon after arriving at the square, the protestors packed into three buses and headed towards the presidential candidates’ headquarters.

Their first stop was Congresswoman Michele Bachman’s headquarters in Urbandale. Protestors filed out of the vans and marched to the front door where they were met by police officers. The crowd was warned that they were trespassing on private property and if they refused to leave they would be arrested.

According to Public Information Officer Randy Peterson 10 arrests were made at Bachman’s headquarters including two female minors. After forty minutes of protesting the movement loaded in the buses and moved to Texas Governor Rick Perry’s headquarters.

Even though nobody was there the crowd demonstrated for twenty minutes in front of Perry’s offices. Then Occupier Frank Cordaro rallied the crowd to discuss their money problems. The bus drivers had informed him their rental time was about to expire.  So the movement needed more money to continue and within less than a minute Cordaro had $225 to give to the bus drivers.

The movement continued to Gingrich’s headquarters in Urbandale and this time the police were ready. Officers formed a line at the property and as the protesters marched towards Gingrich’s headquarters the police warned them of the consequences of trespassing again. After a half hour, five arrests had been made.

There was less than an hour left on their bus rental time. So the movement quickly loaded on to the buses to go to presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s headquarters just blocks away. At the Occupy Caucus bus tour’s last stop three people were arrested including Cordaro. After being released, Cordaro’s spirits were high as he explained the importance of his incarceration.

“What’s been happening out here this week, there’s some extraordinary great street theatre going out here in our effort to save our democracy,” Cordaro.  “A lot of people are in on it.”

The Occupy movement has swept the nation and landed at the Iowa Caucus. Arrests are a common part of the movement and so far only a few of the Occupy protests have been violent.

“We did it nonviolently and we’re completely transparent,” Cordaro. “I recommend folks around the country do the same.”

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