By: Satenik Karapetyan  — 12/31/11

Rick Perry is looking to make Washington DC “inconsequential.” He’s the candidate that wants to go to the White House and make sure that the government stays out of your house.

Today Perry spoke to a crowd in downtown Boone. “I want to be the antiestablishment candidate that goes to Washington, DC and represents your values and I want to go and be there with a sense of purpose and that purpose will be to make Washington, DC as inconsequential in your life as I can make it every day,” he said

Perry believes the government has gotten bigger and bigger while “our freedoms have gotten smaller and smaller.” The Texas Governor is planning to limit the amount of time that Congress will be allowed to work in the capital. “Let’s limit their pay, limit their salaries, their staff and let them come back and have regular jobs back in their districts and I will suggest to you that America will be a better place to live and you will have more of your freedoms.”

This sealed the deal for undecided Boone resident Margie Mitchell. “When I came I was undecided but after hearing Governor Perry it sounds like I’ll probably vote for him… A lot of times I feel that right now the Congress is stopping the presidents from really doing a lot of things that they want to do and I think Congress needs to live a lot of the issues that our presidents put before them. “

The crowd also liked the Governor’s stance on securing the Mexican border. Perry says there can’t be homeland security until there is border security. “I have made this commitment that within a year of my taking my hand off the Bible in January 2013 we will shut down and secure the border with Mexico. We will put the boots on the ground and aviation in place and that border will be secure.”

Perry defended his decision into Texas law to allow undocumented immigrants to pay in-state college tuition. He argued that they should be allowed to work their way into citizenship. He described it as, “I want them to become taxpayers instead of taxwasters.”