By Dominique Banas  –1/1/12

Newt Gingrich kicked off the New Year with Iowan voters.

Today Gingrich held a meet and greet in the West Towne Pub in Ames, Iowa. The pub was filled with supporters from all over the Hawkeye State to hear from the former Speaker of the House.

Jim Fitzgerald is from Boone Iowa. He believes it’s important for candidates to meet with Iowans before the Caucus.”I think Iowa has a very, very unique perspective. We have some of the hardest working, most strong back-boned of America and some that are truly interested in helping our country be good and improve and grow and I think Iowa really has people that buy into that and get involved in the process.”

A large number of young voters were in the crowd. Alena Perszyk is a freshman from Vanderbilt University. She came to the meet and greet to show her support for the candidate. “I support Newt Gingrich because I think he is one of the Republican politicians that doesn’t just act like a politician but he acts like an actual person. He will give you straight answers because he won’t beat around the bush. He doesn’t try to politic his way out of giving you straightforward answers.”

A poll shows that Gingrich now holds the number four spot after Santorum with 12 percent. Tomorrow Gingrich will continue on his Growth and Jobs tour at a meet and greet in Independence, Iowa.



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