By Liz Montaquila–1/1/12

Michele Bachmann wants voters to vote with their hearts. 

That’s what she told members of the media when asked about recent reports that voters who initially supported Bachmann have chosen to vote for opponent Rick Santorum. Santorum has been climbing in the polls and voters believe he stands a better chance to beat front-runners Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

The Congresswoman addressed the media after speaking at the Jubilee Family Church in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

She called upon her faith and faith in Jesus Christ to implore voters not to look to the polls when it comes to choosing a presidential candidate.

Bachmann also fielded questions on foreign affairs. She said that as President of the United States she would not allow Iran to threaten our national security by obtaining nuclear weapons.

Bachmann is currently struggling in the polls trailing all candidates expect Rick Perry. The Iowa Caucuses are just 48 hours away.

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