By Cat Ross — 12/31/11

Newt Gingrich is trying to get back in the game. Today almost one-hundred people listened to him speak in Atlantic, Iowa. The former House Speaker blamed negative ads about his past for his drop in the polls to fourth place. He called the commercials false and accused his rival candidates of spreading lies.

“If someone will lie to you to get to be president, why would you expect them to tell the truth to you when they become president?” Gingrich says.

His supporters agree. Mary Karmish drove from Minneapolis, Minnesota to visit family and hear Gingrich speak. She believes recent attack ads will turn off Caucus voters.

“If candidates need to lean on negativity to move up in the polls, I think Iowans are smart enough to see through that,” Karmish said.

Romney, Paul and Santorum are currently ahead in the polls.

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