By Liz Montaquila–1/1/12

Alternative energy is weighing on voters’ minds here in Iowa.

Twenty percent of Iowa’s electricity comes from wind power. So voters are especially interested in the GOP candidates’ environmental policies.

Iowa is also number 2 in wind energy production behind Texas.

The Lone State’s Governor Rick Perry has said he is a proponent of all resources. He told voters “what a great day it will be when we have allowed our oil and gas, our energy industry and all of the segments out there.”

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has also embraced wind. He said, “I have no problem with wind power, I just don’t think we should be subsidizing it.” Santorum also said he supports just about every other energy source.

Four months ago several presidential candidates signed a wind turbine at the straw poll in Iowa as a pledge to advance wind as an alternative energy source. Michele Bachmann was not among them.

Congresswoman Bachmann has promised voters in Iowa that as president she will shut down the Environmental Protection Agency and use oil, coal, and natural gas to their fullest potential.

Candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have also said that they embrace the GOP’s “all of the above” energy mantra.

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