By Dominique Banas and Wynn Harrison – – 01/04/11

Michele Bachmann has quit her race to the White House. The Minnesota Congresswoman received only five percent of the vote coming in last. But she did not announce her concession until 10 am this morning. During her press conference she said she has no regrets but that the people of Iowa have spoken and she has decided to step aside.

Last night Bachmann was singing a different tune when the results were announced. “I will make sure that Barack Obama is a one term President.” It was only five months ago when the self-proclaimed “America’s Iron Lady” won the Iowa Straw Poll. During the weeks leading to the caucus she campaigned with a 99 county bus tour.

Despite her campaign plans she dealt with the most drama. Less than a week before the caucus her Iowa campaign chair Kent Sorenson left Bachmann to support Congressman Ron Paul.

The Iowa caucus has proven its importance. In Bachman’s case it weeded out who would continue towards the nomination.

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