by Christina Winske 


Eight votes gave Mitt Romney his Iowa Caucus win over Rick Santorum. This was the closest Iowa caucus race ever.

The official results came in at 1:30 this morning. Close to midnight Romney appeared in front of his supporters at his caucus head quarters. He briefly commended Santorum on a hard fought race and focused his criticism on President Obama’s economic policies.

“He was critical of President Bush for not balancing the budget; for having such large deficits,” His deficits have been three times larger or more.” If he is elected president, Romney said he would create jobs and make America a favorable business environment.

He went on to say, “I’ll keep our tax rates competitive, get regulators and regulations to see their job is to encourage enterprise make sure we open up new markets for American goods, and finally take advantage of the energy resources we have here in oil and gas and coal and nuclear and renewables.”

His wife Ann and four of their five sons joined Romney on the stage.