By Colleen Shaughnessy–1/7/2012

Buddy Roemer is missing during yet another debate.

“It’s disappointing that someone with a good idea cannot be heard,” said Roemer to New Hampshire voters and media.

Roemer said tonight’s ABC/WMUR Republican debate in Manchester is the 18th debate without his participation. The debate criterion requires candidates to achieve at least five percent of votes in the polls or to place in the top three in the Iowa Caucus.

Roemer tweeted, “I poll higher than Perry in New Hampshire…These debates are in NH.” Perry was one of five Republican candidates in Saturday’s debate.

According to the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, Roemer was added to the state surveys last May. In a January 5th poll, Roemer had yet to receive above one percent of the vote.

On Friday, Roemer said he would be making an “announcement” regarding his campaign. The announcement attracted supporters and the press amid speculations that the candidate would suspend his campaign. But, Roemer announced just the opposite.

“We’re not going away. We’re just getting started,” Roemer said.

In a crowded Manchester hotel lobby on Saturday, the former Congressman and Louisiana governor said he is frustrated with political tactics and the relationship between funding and campaign success.

“The 2012 campaign is not about good ideas or innovative thinking. It’s about money,” said Roemer.

He spoke passionately about his goal to inspire campaign reform. He said his competition is engaging in “illegal and disgusting” campaign funding practices.

“I never took special interest money. I never did earmarks. I never lobbied. Fess up, Santorum,” Roemer tweeted during the debate.

Roemer says he will be skipping South Carolina because of the 35-thousand dollar debate entrance fee. After Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation primary, his campaign will be leaving the Granite State for Michigan.



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