By Madeline Smeaton–1/7/2012

Two protestors from the Occupy movement tried to disrupt Mitt Romney’s rally early today in Derry, New Hampshire. But the crowd of supporters booed them and chanted “Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!”

Romney was able to outline his plan for making the United States the most attractive place for business in the world. “Getting regulations to work for industry, getting our tax rates competitive, getting America energy secure by using our oil, gas, coal, nuclear…”

He went on to promise that if programs are not worth borrowing money from China to sustain, they should be cut, and ObamaCare would be the first to go.

Romney also criticized Mr. Obama’s recent military cutbacks. “A military that is extraordinarily strong and superior to others keeps others from doing dangerous things that would threaten us,” he said.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley praised Romney. “When he went into Massachusetts, he cut taxes 19 times and balanced his budget with 85% of the legislature,” she said. “We could use that in Washington right now.”

Setti Warren, the mayor of Newton, Massachusetts, disagreed. “We were 47th in the country in job creation when Governor Romney was the chief executive of the Commonwealth,” he said. “He raised 750 million dollars worth of fees on the middle class.”

According to a survey done by Suffolk University, Romney currently leads by 22 points in the polls.  “Give me a bigger margin than eight votes, if you possibly can,” he told voters. “Let’s make sure we take this one successfully.”

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