By Taylor Smith–1/7/2012

The American Dream is dead. At least that’s what those at Occupy the Primary in New Hampshire believe.

Tonight about 200 people dressed in mourning attire to proceed in a funeral for the American Dream at St. Anselm’s College. The procession took place right outside the GOP candidacy debate to raise awareness on the limitations that campaign financing imposes on candidates.

“We absolutely have to get our money out of politics,” said Ridgely Fuller, a resident of Waltham, Massachusetts. Fuller was not the only one expressing this sentiment. Many of the protesters carried signs admonishing the political use of money.

As the night wore on, the occupiers transitioned from the usual rally to a musical procession. While musicians played their trombones and saxophones, four occupiers kneeled in silent reverie behind a black coffin representing the deceased American Dream.

“What do I think it takes to improve the American Dream? Honestly, I think it takes this,” said occupier Michael Grosse, as he gestured to the protest surrounding him.

However, Occupy New Hampshire weren’t the only people there. Supporters of the candidates were also making sure their voices were heard.

While there seemed to be two separate sides to the rally, there was a sense of compromise present. “There’s a sentiment that we’re not on the same side,” said Scott Robertson from San Francisco, California, “but we agree on the safety net. ¬†We agree on working together.”