By Tamara Sacharczyk–1/8/2012

Ron Paul is a strict constitutionalist. This afternoon he told a crowded room of supporters and undecided independents in Meredith, New Hampshire, that this would be a “strange, new” approach in handling Congress.

Paul’s campaign policies include abolishing ObamaCare, making spending cuts overseas, and eliminating five departments: Energy, Commerce, Interior, Education, and Housing and Urban Development. Paul calls these “unnecessary bureaucracies.”

“We have to get the government out of our wallets and out of our lives,” Paul says.

Paul says he knows America needs a plan that will create jobs and reduce spending. He discussed his idea to cut trillions of dollars from the deficit but he failed to elaborate on his plan. He admitted, “I don’t have a strategy other than understanding philosophy, history, and American policy.”

Paul considers his ideas on freedom and civil liberties to be the reason the other GOP candidates attacked him on the debate floor earlier Sunday morning. During the debate, he did not retaliate nor mention his opponents. Instead, he said he wanted to “concentrate on his message, not on attack the other candidates.”

Despite trailing behind Mitt Romney in the New Hampshire polls, Paul says he “feels confident about getting the independent vote.”

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