By Terri Ogan–1/8/2012

The results of the final WMUR New Hampshire Primary Poll will be released at 11 p.m. tonight. This is the sixteenth University of New Hampshire (UNH) poll this quarter.

Andy Smith, director of the UNH Survey Center, said there have not been any trends or shocking outcomes in earlier polling results. He said Romney has been streamlining in first place for almost three years. “He’s been the leader in our polls going back to 2009,” Smith said. “He’s been consistently the frontrunner.”

Although Romney has yet to drop in the polls, there is always some movement for second and third place, according to previous surveys.

Smith said the UNH Survey Center randomly selects likely Republican voters through a process called random digit dialing. That way, every household in New Hampshire with a telephone has an equal chance of being selected. “We then randomly select an individual from within the household, because you can’t just pick the first person that answers the phone,” Smith said. “You get too many women. You get way too many older people. Then once we get someone on the phone, we ask them a series of questions about their voter registration, their interest in the election and their likelihood of voting in the Primary.”

The amount of people who are surveyed varies and depends on the timeline, the sponsor’s funds, and the length of the survey, said Smith.

The most recent poll surveyed 631 New Hampshire residents. But survey experts say it is no indication as to who will win the Primary because people change their minds at the last minute.

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