By Madeline Smeaton–1/8/2012

Jon Huntsman is tirelessly campaigning for the people’s trust. He says he wants to restore trust in America, but he cannot do it without the people’s vote.

Huntsman says the biggest problem facing the United States is a lack of trust in the government. If elected, Huntsman says he will start with Congress and establish term limits.

At a meeting in Keene, New Hampshire today, Huntsman said voters distrust the nation’s tax code, and he would work to fix that. His plan is to eliminate one trillion dollars worth of tax loopholes and reinvest that money into the economy. He promised there would be no more bailouts and subsidies for big banks.

“If banks are too big to fail, they are too big,” said Huntsman.

When it comes to Afghanistan, he believes that the United States has accomplished its work. He says it is time to bring the troops back home. “I don’t want to be nation-building in southeast Asia when this nation so desperately needs building,” said Huntsman. He promised to welcome veterans home with dignity, respect, gratitude, and most importantly, jobs.

Despite the current economic state, Huntsman is optimistic about America’s economic future. “What excites me is that I believe we are on the eve of a manufacturing renaissance,” he said.

As an ambassador to China, he said he recognizes the issues America is facing. Since China’s economy is falling, Huntsman says companies will be looking for new places to invest. He said his goal is to give companies reason to once again believe and invest in America.

According to a Monday morning Suffolk University poll, Huntsman has the support of 13% of likely primary voters. These numbers put him in third place, just above opponent Rick Santorum.

“I know we can get there, but it starts with your vote,” said Huntsman. “When you ask someone for their vote, you ask them for their trust, and there is not a more valuable thing. I will take it with gratitude.”

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