By Patrick Welter–1/9/2012

Rick Santorum believes in a field of dreams.

Referencing the classic film, Santorum described an environment where manufacturing could thrive in America.

“If you build it, they will come,” said Santorum to a crowd of almost one hundred people at Rivier College in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Santorum said his plan would “build” an environment that would bring overseas manufacturing back to America. He cited President Obama’s regulations as the reason companies manufacture elsewhere.

Santorum’s plan includes tax incentives, reduced government regulations, and $1.5 trillion in available capital.

Derek Ohly, CEO of the Massachusetts start-up company Zyra, said Santorum’s plan is interesting, but to “build an environment for manufacturers is not enough.”

Santorum continued to criticize President Obama’s regulations, citing that the President has implemented more regulations in his four years in office than either George W. Bush or Bill Clinton did in their respective eight.

If elected, the presidential hopeful is pledging to eliminate every regulation exceeding $150 million.