By Rory McCann–1/9/2012

New Hampshire Primary voters are preparing to impact this election cycle.

Polls will open mere hours from now as supporters continue to line the streets with signs. Candidates are also making last-minute appeals before heading out to polling sites.

Erin Lamontagne, Newt Gingrich’s campaign support manager, has faith in the word-of-mouth, grassroots approach that supporters have adopted. She believes the independent voters will turn out to make a difference. “We don’t like the media telling us who to vote for,” Lamontagne said.

Jon Flebotte is an undecided voter and general manager of a restaurant in Manchester. He says the primaries pumped up his business and welcomed new customers and even the candidates themselves. “They’ll come through the pub and shake hands a little bit,” said Flebotte. He observed the candidates as they kept their visits casual by not discussing policies or answering diners’ questions.

New Hampshire resident Tom Huot is voting in the primary. He says he will support the candidate with sound principles and abilities to compromise. “I think it’s all going to hinge on the economy. If you could get a candidate like a Huntsman or a Romney who can appeal to not just one poll of the party, I think you could defeat Obama.” Huot says he is looking for cooperation in the next administration.


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