By Katie O’Donnell–1/9/2012

Get out your toothbrushes and flux capacitors! Vermin Supreme was spotted at a Newt Gingrich event in Manchester tonight with his trademark boot hat and excitable posse.

Supreme has been crashing political events around the state. He shouts and taunts through his bullhorn while calling himself a “friendly fascist.”

“I will promise you anything your little heart desires because you are my constituency,” Supreme said to a crowd of Gingrich, Supreme, and Ron Paul supporters who also crashed the event.

Supreme’s platform is simple to understand. He promises a free pony for all Americans, mandatory tooth brushing, zombie preparedness, and funds for time travel research. This may appeal to princesses, dentists, geeks and Doc Brown wanna-bes, but Supreme’s silliness also comes with a little substance.

“I am running for president to make America a better place.” Supreme says the ponies will provide jobs for Americans and free the country from its dependence on foreign oil.

Supreme says the boot is important to his shtick. “The boot is like poop, and the media is like flies. And I wear the boot and the flies come to me…If I do not have the boot, and I was not talking ridiculous subjects…it would certainly not give me the high profile that I have here today in the New Hampshire primary.”

Supreme may not be the most serious of candidates, but he stands as a reminder that at times, politics can be taken too seriously.