By Ariana Sandillo–1/9/2012

Rick Perry has ended his bid for the Presidency.

The Texas Governor campaigned for five months. But now he has decided his candidacy has not gained enough traction. After quitting, he then made a surprising move. He endorsed former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. There was some speculation that Perry might have endorsed former Senator Rick Santorum since they are both evangelical Christians. Also ABC News had been warning a bombshell interview with Gingrich’s second wife Marianne was about to be aired.

At one point, Perry was a frontrunner in the GOP race to the White House. But voters started to abandon him after he had a series of gaffes, poor debate performances, and controversial statements.

Perry finished fifth in the Iowa Caucus and contemplated ending his bid then. He skipped the New Hampshire Primary. Instead, he went to South Carolina where he hoped to do well. Perry’s numbers remained low in the Palmetto State. He never managed to build himself back up again.

South Carolina votes this Saturday.

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