By Ariana Sandillo–1/16/2012

Jon Huntsman’s run for the White House has ended. The former Utah Governor said his campaign never took off.

He quit today after poll figures showed him at 4%. That is just under Stephen Colbert who is not really a candidate. Right after Huntsman stepped down he endorsed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Huntsman had skipped Iowa to concentrate on New Hampshire.  Last week, his fate ended there where he finished third with 24% compared to Romney’s 38%.  Huntsman had spent all of his time and resources trying to woo the Granite State.

He had the perfect blend of moderate and conservative positions that voters were looking for, but many considered him only second-best next to Romney. Many conservatives even considered him a mini-Romney with his matching conservative views and Mormon faith.

Huntsman has said it’s time for the Republican party to unite around the candidate best equipped to beat President Barack Obama in the fall and he believes Romney is the ticket.

Huntsman’s endorsement will stand behind Romney on Saturday during the South Carolina Primary.