By Terri Ogan–1/24/2012

President Barack Obama wants to preserve the American dream.  In tonight’s State of the Union speech, the President emphasized an economic “blueprint” for his second term if he’s re-elected. He said the first step lies in American manufacturing.

Mr. Obama used the country’s Armed Forces teamwork as an example of how to rebuild the nation.  He talked about team strategies in high-tech manufacturing, higher education, and energy control to create a better economy.

“Imagine what we could accomplish if we followed their example,” the President said.  “We can do this. I know we can, because we’ve done it before.”

President Obama announced the creation of a Trade Enforcement Unit. It would be responsible for investigating unfair trading with foreign countries like China and Russia. This unit will also aim to prevent the shipment of counterfeit or dangerous products to American soil.

“Our workers are the most productive on earth,” the President said.  “And if the playing field is level, I promise you — America will always win.”

In regards to education, Mr. Obama called on each state to require all students to remain in high school until they are 18 years old.  The President said a student’s greatest challenge upon graduation is the financial burden of paying for college. He stressed that Congress needs to cut interest rates on student loans in July.

This was President Obama’s last State of the Union address before the general election in November.  Despite friction between the Republicans and Democrats, he repeatedly said that he is ready to set aside the tense relationships and work with the Republicans to rebuild the economy.

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