By Dustin Wlodkowski — 10/25/12  


Over 6000 gathered to hear President Barack Obama speak at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Manchester, New Hampshire today.


The President’s visit came only days after polls showed he and his opponent, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, are virtually tied in the swing state.


President Obama’s stump speech highlighted the differences between him and his opponent on many issues from women’s health to the economy and showed Democrats that he was still “fired up” about winning the election.


“I thought it was fantastic,” said Vivian Knezevic of Bow, NH. “I think he did a great job pointing out all the progress that he’s made in four years.”


Manchester resident Maliki Aluko was just as excited.


“There is no doubt in my mind that [the President] is going to do well,” he said. “He was able to galvanize all the youth, the elderly, the disabled and women.”


The President also used his speech to criticize Governor Romney’s Five Point economic plan, saying, “It’s really just a one point plan. Folks at the top get to play with a different set of rules than you do.”


But Dan Bergeron, another Manchester supporter, felt the President could have done more by pointing out his “very favorable” record on controlling the national deficit during the speech.


Following the rally, Mr. Obama traveled to New York City where he appeared on “The Daily Show” and attended a charity dinner with Governor Romney.


He will spend the weekend at Camp David preparing for Monday night’s final presidential debate in Florida on foreign policy.