By Amanda Beland and Ewon Adenomon — 11/06/12  

Tuesday morning, support for the legalization of medical marijuana seemed wide spread in various wards. This was predicted in polls leading up to the election.

Of 21 voters polled in Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Allston, the Financial District and the South end, 15 residents voted in favor of legalization, while six voted against the proposed law.

Question 3 would establish 35 dispensaries throughout the state where patients with qualified ailments would be able to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana from their primary care physician.

Back Bay resident Stacey Doan said she voted yes on question 3 because the benefits of the bill would far outweigh its possible negative side effects.

“More people are benefitting from it,” said Doan. “There is science that shows that it has genuine effect, it has benefits and there is no reason not to legalize it if it is not causing any harm.”

DJ Cheek, another voter, agreed with Doan.

“I would want them to have full access to whatever pain relievers and medications that the doctors would want them to have… so I think that it is a good idea.”

However, some voters opposed question three.

  ML Coolidge said she voted against the question based on how similar laws in other states were affecting those communities.

“I don’t think we are prepared to deal with it,” said Coolidge. “Because in California there are more of them on each corner than there are Dunkin Donuts here and I don’t think the state is prepared to deal with that.”