By Korey O’Brien – 11/06/12  


This morning voters hoped to see the nation come together as they headed to the polls.


In the Allston-Brighton area, many voters weren’t concerned with just one issue. Most believed the next president has a lot of work to do in unifying the country.


Ksemya Khimchuk came here from Russia 29 years ago. More than anything she believes the country needs to come together.


“Stability, unification, the country will be fermented and divided,” said Khimchuk. “This is very important to me”


Another voter, Paul Schafer, said he chose a mixture of candidates across the ballot in an effort to see substantial change in all areas of government.


“Since we tend to be so heavily Democratic I went independent and went Republican on a few votes, mixing up the debate a little bit. That’s important”


Frances Idlebrook said she hoped to see the president over the next four years work on big issues facing today’s Americans. She said the president needs to recognize we are one nation and that we need to work together.