By Stephanie De La Cruz and Laura Gomez — 11/04/12  

After a long day of campaigning, Senator Scott Brown and his wife Gail Huff met with voters and their families for dinner at a Waltham,MA restaurant. Tens of supporters came to be with them in the last stretch of Brown’s reelection campaign. Earlier that day, the incumbent state senator made eight stops in the Commonwealth including South Boston, Quincy, and Brockton to rally as many votes before Election Day.

Waltham resident Adam Waltt said, “I got the email yesterday he was going to be here….. Right when I heard that I quickly cleared up my schedule to come and support him.”

The restaurant’s room was electrified by the presence of enthused endorsers and decorations of blue poster signs that read the campaign slogan, “Scott Brown, He’s for Us.”

Abigail Smith has been a strong supporter of Brown since 2010. She has promised to keep holding Brown’s sign until the votes are in.  Smith added that not only is she dedicated to the Senator but her house is as well. Her whole house outside is plastered all around with Scott Brown signs. No one can pass her house without having to look at the name Scott Brown.

Back at the restaurant bumper stickers, posters, and lawn signs were available for the taking.  There was hope that they would ramp up voters’ enthusiasm and lead to a win over Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.

Waltt said, “I can’t wait for Tuesday to come already! I want to cast my vote and already congratulate Scott Brown.”

Senator Brown’s final election rally will be in his hometown of Wrentham tomorrow night.