By Felecia Bearden — January 20, 2013  fashionshow inaug

The California State Society catwalked its way into the 2013 Inauguration’s itinerary. Today its fashion show showcased one-of-a-kind Inaugural gowns.

Fashion designer Kevan Hall and his Fashion Institute Design and Merchandising students collaborated on this project.

Hall is known for his unique gowns worn by celebrities. His most famous celebrity lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, First Lady Michelle Obama.

The First Lady approached Hall to put together several different looks for her. He said he was excited when he saw her go for a simpler shirt dress. However, Hall said that it’s those kinds of moments that encourage him to teach others.

“I think it’s really important to give back and share some of my experiences, some of my success…and also some of my challenges,” said Hall.

He said that his goal for this fashion show was not only to mentor the students but also to challenge their artistic abilities.

“I think this is the first time the students have done something along these lines. It’s very different making a ball gown than making a pair of jeans or making a t-shirt,” Hall explained. “I gave them all challenges to add some type of design detail into these gowns.”

The gowns made for the show are not for sale, but will be showcased and archived in a exhibition museum at the FIDM. However, Hall said that the school could possibly relaunch the gowns at a much later date.