By Felecia Bearden – January 21, 2013

“For me it was something special,” said first timer Garrick Reynolds. “It’s a great experience to really be here. It’s just good to see history continuing to be made.”
Reynolds and his friends spent this morning coiling through blocked Washington, D.C. streets. They painstakingly searched for nonticketed standing areas. Reynolds said that he was not surprised by the chaos, but that he was more excited to see all the people.
“Everything will not go as you planned it,” said Reynolds. “But it’s expected. We’re just going with the flow. It’s just nice to see everybody coming out and just coming together geared towards this great celebration and having fun and just going with it.” Kedrick Smith watches President Obama's second swearing in
But for Jakenzi Lewis the feeling was a bit more compelling as he walked onto the National Mall.
“It was almost overwhelming just knowing that I’m actually here and that history has taken place here,” said Lewis. “The fact that our President is black and it’s on the same day as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on is an overwhelming feeling. It feels really good.”
Their friends Kedrick Smith and Rodrick Willis stood next to them in amazement as well.  All the men agreed that they were living in a monumental time.
“This is history,” said Smith as he stood bundled in his red scarf.
His friend agreed.
“I feel like I’m a part of history. And I’m enjoying myself,” said Willis standing next to Smith waving his American flag in his right hand.
When WEBN Boston asked them what inspired them to visit this time, the small group mentioned issues from President Obama’s last term and his Republican rival’s remark about the 47 percent.
“Well, the health care bill and really the 47 percent comment by Mitt Romney,” said Willis. “It just kind of showed that he was out of touch. And we have someone in the White House who kind of cares for the common man.”
Lewis agreed and added that the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for military personnel was the issue that kept his attention the most during the this election.
” I think that everybody that serves this country should be allowed to serve openly and be who they are. That was like the main issue that was important to me.”