By Darian Harvin By Darian Harvin — January 21, 2013 


“I think this is what the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is all about.”   That is how Ramina Wilmot described this morning’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast at the Boston Convention Center.

Over the years the city had gone through its share of racial strife but the one constant sign of racial harmony has been this breakfast which has honored Dr. King and his legacy for the past 43 years.  It was extra special this year since it is also the national Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

As a graduate of Boston University, King is no stranger to the city. The double day celebration has people thinking more than ever about his accomplishments and what’s still left to be done.

And that was true for Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.  He was in Washington D.C. to witness President Obama inauguration but he sent a video message to those at the Boston King breakfast.

“The companion message of King Day is that there’s more work to do. We still must break the cycle of violence that plagues neighborhoods and breaks family and spirits. We still have achievement gaps to close in our schools, so that every child and meet his or her potential.”

Keynote speaker and Harvard Professor Jonathan Walton sided with Governor Patrick saying, “Issues of immigration on the table, issues of this extended war on terror and the trillions of dollars that are being spent while we’re tightening our belt in the name of austerity…These are real issues that I believe King had something to say about in his time that are applicable in our time.”