By Maggie Smolka – January 22, 2013  

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Scott Ogden goes through Senate bills that are over one-thousand pages.   He is the Press Secretary for Independent Senator Angus King from Maine.  Ogden does this so constituents back home can easily understand the issues America faces.

Ogden explains that not one day is the same for Capital Hill staffers.  Elected officials and policymakers are always consumed with new information.  As Press Secretary, it is Ogden’s job to filter this news and decide what is important for public viewing.

“When I come in I will start reviewing the news to see what stories are developing, what stories are in the headlines, and what we should be paying attention to for the day,” says Ogden.  “It is just an extensive amount of stuff that we do and it varies on a daily basis, so there really is no set thing that we do.”    

His job is vital to Senator King’s operations.  His primary role is to work as the link between Senator King and his home state.

“I think the motives behind each individual staffer will be different, but we are ultimately here to serve [Senator King] and the people of Maine as effectively as we can.”

The staffers address issues based on up-to-date discussions in the Senate.  Right now, the filibuster reform and gun control legislation are on the forefront.  Ogden says both he and Senator King think the filibuster reform is most crucial.