By Ekaterina Bylkina – January 31, 2013

“I am leaving the Senate, but I am not leaving our State.” That was John Kerry’s promise tonight during his last speech as the senior Senator from Massachusetts. Tomorrow he will be sworn in as the new Secretary of State, following the resignation of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Kerry chose Boston’s Faneuil Hall as the place to give his farewell speech. It is the same place where 8 years ago he announced his run for the Presidency. Now Kerry will take a position in a tough international time when the U.S. is facing the possibility of a military crisis in Syria, and Iran continuing to develop nuclear power.  Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 7.53.48 PM

“He has been working in foreign relations for the most of his adult life,” says Mary Richards who worked with Kerry in his 2004 Presidential campaign. “And I think he is going to be a great asset for the country.”

One of Kerry’s farewell themes was finding common ground in the U.S. capital. He joked that “nothing is done in Washington,” but later emphasized that Republicans and Democrats should better start working together otherwise America “will fall behind.”

“This is a moment of risk,” warned Kerry. “The antidote to the narrative of America in decline is to make our democracy work here, in the United States because we can be no stronger abroad, than we are here at home.”

Kerry’s first destination as the Secretary of State is unknown, but experts say he is determined to work hard to keep up with what Hillary Clinton has achieved in this position.