Maharashtra, Punjab and UP are the worst on Testing at the Moment

The Three States that are absolute laggards on Testing are Maharashtra which should scale up Testing to atleast 15K a day, Punjab which must scale up to about 4k a day and Uttar Pradesh which must scale upto about 9K a day.

The way we calculated this is by looking at the consistency between cases rank and testing rank (Table above). Ideally, both should be same. When there is a mis-match, either a State is over testing (Like Karnataka) or Under testing (Like Maha, Punjab and UP). Increased testing won’t necessarily double or triple the cases. Instead, it will reduce the leakages that may be currently occurring due to a variety of reasons and will benefit the State over the next 2-3 weeks.

TN vs Rajasthan illustrates the need for more Testing:  TN was carrying out 2.5 times fewer Tests 2 weeks ago, Rajasthan on the other hand was carrying out 1.25 times fewer tests 2 weeks ago. Look at last 10 days data for both States

Tamil Nadu: 1128 Cases added (Starting at 1629, Closing at 2757)

Rajasthan: 884 Cases added (Starting at 1888, Closing at 2772)

TN has corrected now and overindexed on Testing. Overdoing Testing may be a wise decision. 

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