Corona Cases cross 11000 a day, deaths 350

After hovering below 11000 cases for a few days, India finally breached the 11000 cases a day mark yesterday. India is currently increasing cases per day by 1000 every 4th day on an average. India hit 1000 on April 13th, 5000 on May 17th and 10000 just 4 days ago on June 5th. At this rate, India is likely to be adding about 16000 a day by the end of the month.

Which Cities added the most yesterday? – Mumbai and Delhi added more than 1500 cases each yesterday, Chennai added nearly 1400 cases. Pune and Ahmedabad added 300+ cases. These 5 cities added nearly half of India’s cases

Deaths per day have also reached an all time and breached 350 a day mark. India has been adding an additional 50 deaths per day every 12 days. India hit 50 deaths a day on April 21st, 200 on 29th May and 350 yesterday. At this rate, India is likely to be losing about 500 people a day by the middle of July.

Which Cities lost most people yesterday? – Mumbai lost nearly 100 people yesterday, Delhi lost nearly 80. These two cities made up for nearly half of the people we lost yesterday.

India is showing no signs of slowing down as large parts of India are opening up due to unlock-1. Newer hotspots are also emerging now. Andhra added a record 365 cases yesterday, Assam has recorded 200+ cases in 5 out of the last 7 days. UP and Bihar together added some 500 cases yesterday.

India Cases timeline

  • 1000 a day: 13th April
  • 2000 a day: 1st May
  • 3000 a day: 4th May
  • 4000 a day: 10th May
  • 5000 a day: 17th May
  • 6000 a day: 19th May
  • 7000 a day: 24th May
  • 8000 a day: 29th May
  • 9000 a day: 3rd June
  • 10000 a day: 6th June
  • 11000 a day: 10th June

India Deaths Timeline

  • 50 Deaths a day – 21st April
  • 100 deaths a day – 3rd May
  • 150 deaths a day -17th May
  • 200 deaths a day – 29th May
  • 250 deaths a day -29th May
  • 300 deaths a day -10th June
  • 350 deaths a day – 10th June

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