Why Yediyurappa is the best performing CM on Corona

Many CMs have done a good job on COVID-19 – Pinarayi Vijayan of Kerala, Jagan Reddy of Andhra, Naveen Babu of Odisha, Nitish of Bihar. However, here are 5 reasons why the number 1 performer is clearly CM BS Yediyurappa

  1. Keeping Bangalore in Control: His Government has managed the impossible, controlled COVID-19 in a huge metro. Bangalore is not just a large metro, it is the fastest growing Metro in the Country. Bangalore had JUST 558 Corona Cases, the next highest Metro was 5 times higher!!
    • Delhi -31309
    • Mumbai -51100
    • Kolkata – 4500
    • Bangalore -558
    • Hyderabad-2371
    • Chennai-24545
    • Ahmedabad-14962
    • Pune- 10073
  2. Not just Corona Cases, Deaths too have been low: Karnataka has not just controlled the Corona cases in the State, it has also managed to keep deaths under control. With just 66 deaths, the deaths per 1000 Corona cases is one of the lowest. UP for example has 2 times the Corona cases but 4 times the deaths.
  3. Whole of Karnataka is in Control, not just Bangalore: And it is not just Bangalore, none of the districts has more than 1000 cases or more than 20 deaths. So it is not just about putting effort in one city, it is not just about luck. It is about consistent governance across the State
  4. No Short Cuts like less Testing: Karnataka has not done any short cuts to arrive at this performance. For example on Testing, Karnataka has completed a massive 4 lakh tests. Maharashtra for example has carried out 5.8 lakh tests. Ideally if Maharashtra had tested like Karnataka, they would have had completed 60 lakh tests
  5. No Publicity, just work: When we look at BSY on Google Search. He is perhaps the only CM who has keep his publicity at the bare minimum. When compared with PM Modi in his own State of Karnataka, searches for BSY hardly represent a small blip. It is not that he is not popular in Karnataka, he just does not go about talking about himself

Karnataka started to open up on May 17th and continues to do so even now faster than most States. It helps in two ways, one it brings back the Karnataka economy back on track and given that Karnataka is the powerhouse of the Indian economy, it is a big boost to the Country as a whole!

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