2024 Lok Sabha Election: Statewise Predictions

  1. Madhya Pradesh
Polling CompanyBJPCongress
Times Now Navbharat-ETG22-245
India TV Opinion Poll245
  1. Rajasthan
Polling CompanyBJPINC
India TV Opinion Poll223
  1. West Bengal
Polling CompanyTMCBJP
India TV Poll20-2218-20
  1. Bihar
Polling CompanyNDAMGB/I.N.D.I.A
India TV Poll22-2416-18
  1. Uttar Pradesh
Polling CompanyBJP allianceSP & AllianceBSPCongress
ABP News-Matrize Poll67-733-60-41-2
  1. Maharashtra
Polling CompanyBJPSSUBTCongressNCP(Sharad)Others
India TV CNX Opinion Poll2011946

I’ll continue the table for the remaining states.

  1. Karnataka
Polling CompanyBJPINCJDS
India TV CNX Opinion Poll2071
  1. Gujarat
Polling CompanyBJPINC
India TV CNX Opinion Poll260
  1. Jharkhand
Polling CompanyNDAI.N.D.I.A
India TV CNX Opinion Poll122
  1. Himachal Pradesh
Polling CompanyBJPINC
India TV CNX Opinion Poll31
  1. Haryana
Polling CompanyBJPINC
India TV CNX Opinion Poll82
  1. Punjab
Polling CompanyUPAOthers
India TV CNX Opinion Poll13
  1. Andhra Pradesh
Polling CompanyYCPTDP
India TV CNX Opinion Poll187

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