K Kavitha Poll: Will ED’s Investigation Impact the Telangana Election 2023?

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) communicated to the Supreme Court that BRS MLC K Kavitha will not be summoned prior to the hearing on the Delhi excise policy case on September 26. Kavitha’s legal representation argued against ED’s practice of summoning women to their offices, suggesting home interrogations instead. Kavitha avoided the ED summons on September 15, even as her petition was under the Supreme Court’s scrutiny. With multiple interrogations by the ED concerning the Delhi liquor case, Kavitha views these actions as politically charged maneuvers by the BJP, especially with the impending Telangana elections.

Telangana BJP president and Union Tourism Minister G. Kishan Reddy clarified that the BJP has no connection with the ED notice to MLC K. Kavitha. He further stated that the BJP was not concerned over who is getting noticed or who is getting arrested.

Telangana Election 2023 Poll: Impact of ED Investigations into K Kavitha

K Kavitha: Will ED's Investigation against her impact the Telangana Election?

  • 47% of voters believe that ED notices to MLC K Kavitha in liquor scam impact their voting decision in upcoming Assembly Elections.
  • Overall, 28% believe that BJP is using ED and Liquor scam to threaten BRS with a false case
  • 21% believe that BRS and BJP have an internal arrangement and have colluded to no to arrest MLC Kavitha.
  • 18% believe that the BJP will soon arrest MLC Kavitha.
  • While 13% see it as a distraction created by both BJP in the Centre and BRS in the State
  • 11% think that the whole event around the Liquor Scam and MLC Kavitha is a BRS ploy to evoke sentiment and benefit in upcoming elections.

Telangana Election 2023 Poll: Perception of Winning Majority in 2023

Over the last 7 days, BRS gained 1% and Congress gained 1.3% in winning majority perception as this week’s narratives primarily revolved around BRS and Congress.

In continuation to the change seen last week, the “ALT-BRS” believers have lost hope in BJP and reduced to negligible as most of them moved to HUNG and NOT SURE voters. The contest for Telangana elections for 2023 increasingly becoming a fight between BRS and Congress, especially in the last two weeks.

By Team Telangana Intentions, reach@telanganaintentions.com

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