1,00,000 Coronavirus Cases in Tamil Nadu : Southern States under Grip of COVID-19

1,00,000 Coronavirus Cases in Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu on Friday became the second Indian state to register 1,00,000 coronavirus positive cases. It was Maharashtra before Tamil Nadu that was able to reach this milestone. However, Maharashtra at present is on its way to register 2,00,000 positive cases. As of now Maharashtra has registered around 1,93,000 cases and with daily cases of over 6000, it is expected that in day or two Maharashtra will attain the feat of reaching 2,00,000 positive cases.

Lets us see how Tamil Nadu have developed in terms of Coronavirus positive cases:

This is how the Coronavirus curve looks like for the state of Tamil Nadu

On 3rd of July the positive cases registered stands at 1,02,721 cases. There seems to be no sign of flattening the curve. The state however, has lower number of active cases than the recovered ones.

Tamil Nadu reported around 4,329 cases on Friday, 3rd of July, taking the total number of positive cases in the state to 1,02,721. Yesterday, 64 deaths were reported. The total number of deaths caused due to the coronavirus now stands at 1,385. The number of recovered patients is around 58,378, as 2,357 recoveries were reported yesterday. The number of active cases is a bit lower than the number of recovered cases. The number of active cases in the state stands at 42,955. 4,329 samples came out positive out of the 35,028 tests that were conducted in the state yesterday.

1,00,000 Coronavirus Cases in Tamil Nadu : How fast has cases doubled in the state?

On 17th of June, Tamil Nadu registered just over 50,000 total positive cases in the state. On 3rd of July that is in just 16 days the state added another 50,000 cases to its tally. Tamil Nadu now has over 1 lakh positive cases and the cases doubled just in 16 days.

1,00,000 Coronavirus Cases in Tamil Nadu :What steps is Tamil Nadu Government Taking ?

Keeping the rising coronavirus situation in mind, TN Chief Minister had imposed a lockdown in the state, in the Chennai, Thiruvallur, Chengalpet, and Kancheepuram districts, starting from June 19th.  Upon seeing the surge, the lockdown had been extended till 31st July, from 30th June, the previously set date. Chennai, Madurai and other districts which had been reporting a huge surge in the number of cases will be under a complete lockdown till July 5th. Post that the rules and ongoing guidelines put in effect to deal with the state epidemic will continue till July 31st.

To help during these distressing times, the government will continue giving free ration to family cardholders in the state, throughout July.

Southern States Witnessing high surge in Coronavirus Cases

The situation of southern states in India is pretty abject, as they have been witnessing a record surge in the number of coronavirus cases. Karnataka is also on the run to become a frontrunner, by reporting higher than ever coronavirus positive cases in the state. With over a thousand cases per day, the state can also become a possible hotspot in the future. The state currently has reported around 18,016 positive cases, and 272 deaths.

In Telangana and Andhra Pradesh too there is huge surge in number of cases in last few days. Telangana has registered over 20,000 positive cases as of 4th of July and Andhra Pradesh on the other hand has registered around 17,0000 cases. Kerala on the other hand has been witnessing a new wave of Coronavirus cases since there has been entry of foreign expats in the state.

India on Friday, 3rd of July reported a new record of coronavirus positive cases. 22,771 new cases were reported in the country. States of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi contributed around 14,000 cases out of the total number of cases on Friday. At present India has around 2,36,453 active cases with recoveries over 3,94,000. Total number of deaths due to Coronavirus is just over 18,600 in the country.

1,00,000 Coronavirus Cases in Tamil Nadu : Southern States under Grip of COVID-19

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