Michigan Governor Polls 2022: Whitmer wins Michigan Gubernatorial Race

Election Day Updates

Vote Counts (66% Completed)

  • Whitmer: 53.3%
  • Tudor Dixon: 45.1%

Polls that predicted the result fairly accurately (2% to the result)

  • Detroit News

Polls that were off by 5% or more

  • Trafalgar
  • Insider Advantage

Exit Poll

  • Republicans: Dixon: 95%, Whitmer 5%
  • Democrats: Dixon 2%, Whitmer 98%
  • Independents: Dixon 45%, Whitmer 53%

Michigan Governor Polls 2022 (Avg of 3 Polls): Tudor Dixon: 48.0%, Gretchen Whitmer: 49.3%.

Google Search Share: Tudor Dixon: 82%, Gretchen Whitmer: 18%
Social Media Sentiment: Tudor Dixon: -43.1%, Gretchen Whitmer: -67.2%.

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When is the Michigan Governor’s Race 2022?

The 2022 Gubernatorial Election in Michigan is set to take place on November 8th, 2022. Incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) is up against Trump-endorsed Tudor Dixon.

Michigan Governor Race 2022 Predictions: Who is gaining today?

  • Gretchen Whitmer is leading by more than 3 points and is likely to win the Gubernatorial race vs Tudor Dixon
  • However, over the last 4 weeks, Whitmer has lost 2 points while Tudor Dixon has gained 7 points
  • Among top-rated pollsters, Whitmer leads 48-46

Michigan Governor Race Polls: Observations and Insights

  • Who will win the Michigan Governor Race?
    • Gretchen Whitmer continues to sustain a steady lead over Tudor Dixon according to the latest Cygnal Poll. However, data from social media and google searches do not mirror this trend. Therefore, we can make a more firm assessment of a few other polls to confirm or dispel this trend.
    • Tudor Dixon is polling -50% on Unfavorable ratings amongst Independent voters and that is her biggest challenge at the moment.
    • On Google Search, Tudor Dixon is leading Whitmer by a huge margin. This is unusual given the fact that Whitmer is an incumbent Governor. For example, In neighboring Wisconsin, Evers has a huge lead over Tim Michels on Google. Even Kathy Hochul who is in real trouble against Lee Zeldin is performing better.
    • On Social Media too, Whitmer now trails Dixon. This wasn’t the case a few weeks ago.
  • New InsiderAdvantage Poll: How are things changing?
    • The latest Poll shows Tudor Dixon has gained 1% in the last fortnight
    • 5% of the voters are still undecided
    • Dixon is gaining among Men while Whitmer is gaining among women
    • Undecided voters have shifted in large numbers in favor of Tudor Dixon
    • 5% of GOP voters are yet to make up their minds giving Dixon a great opportunity to still win the election.
  • The popularity of Gretchen Whitmer
    • According to the latest Cygnal poll, Whitmer is +5% on Favorability while Tudor Dixon is at -7%. Unfortunately for Tudor Dixon, this trend has held steady in multiple polls and is a warning for her. However, both candidates are at -5% among Independent voters giving Tudor Dixon a fighting chance in the election.
  • What are the major issues of this election?
    • 4 in 10 voters regard the Economy and Inflation as the most important issue. However, among Independent voters, 5 in 10 voters mentioned this as the most important issue.
    • Roe V Wade decision: This was a major issue for registered Democrats but only 1 in 10 Independents mentioned this as a major issue.
  • Voting Update
    • 26% of Likely voters have already voted according to the latest Cygnal Poll

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Michigan Governor Race Polls: Tudor Dixon vs Whitmer Polls

Average of PollsNov 8th
Whitmer (D)49.3%
Dixon (R)48.0%
Trafalgar Nov 5-7
Whitmer (D)48%
Dixon (R)49%
Cygnal (R)Nov 1–4
Whitmer (D)50%
Dixon (R)47%
Mitchell ResearchNov 3, 2022
Whitmer (D)50%
Dixon (R)48%

Outcome of the latest Poll

  • Over 50% of the voters consider Michigan is headed in the wrong direction while around 44% consider it to be headed in the right direction.
  • Joe Biden’s approval rating in Michigan stands at 43% while 56% disapprove of his work.
  • Donald Trump enjoys 44% approval while 54% disapprove of him.
  • Gretchen Whitmer has a higher approval rating than both Biden and Trump. She has around 49% approval rating.
  • Tudor Dixon’s favorable rating is around 46%.
  • Inflation and the cost of living is the major factor that will decide the voters’ preference.
  • Inflation and the cost of living are followed by Women’s right to choose abortion and then Job and the Economy.

Michigan Governor Race Polls: Google Search Volumes

Last 7 days

  • Gretchen Whitmer: 20%
  • Tudor Dixon: 80%

2022 Michigan Governor Race Polls: Net Social Media Sentiments

Last 7 days

  • #Whitmer: -67.2%
  • #Dixon: -43.1%

Gretchen Whitmer vs. Kevin Rinke

Michigan Governor Polls: Polling Average Last 3 elections and Result

In the last 3 Governor elections, Michigan has witnessed a Republican Governor twice and the Democratic Governor once. Therefore, Michigan can very much be regarded as a swing state. The last three Governor elections in Michigan were held in the year 2010, 2014, and 2018. Here are the details about the last 3 Governor elections held in Michigan:

Michigan Governor Election 2022 Polls: 2018 Michigan Governor Election: The last Governor election in Michigan was held on November 6th, 2018. Incumbent Republican Governor Rick Snyder was term-limited and was unable to seek a third term in office. Bill Schuette was the Republican Nominee for the General election. Gretchen Whitmer won the Democratic Party’s Primary election.

The polls for the election highly favor Gretchen over the GOP candidate. She maintained 8-10% lead over Bill Schuette in almost all the polls. The election result was in line with the poll. Gretchen Whitmer won the election by 10%. She received a total of 53.3% vote share while her GOP Rival candidate got only 43.8% vote share. Gretchen Whitmer went on to become Governor of Michigan.

Michigan Governor Election 2022 Polls: 2014 Michigan Governor Election: On November 4th, 2014, Michigan voted to elect its new Governor. The incumbent Governor Rick Snyder ran for re-election to a second term in office. Mark Schauer was on the ballot as a Democratic nominee. The polls for the election showed a very close fight between Snyder and Mark Schauer. Three of the last 5 polls showed the election heading for a tie while in two polls, Snyder had only 1 point lead over Schauer.

The election result was a close one but it was not as close as reflected in the polls. Governor Rick Snyder won the election polling 50.9% vote share. His Democratic rival Mark Schauer received a 46.9% vote share. Rick Snyder went on to become the Governor of Michigan for the 2nd time.

2010 Michigan Governor Election: 2010 Michigan Governor election was for the replacement of Incumbent Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm who was term-limited and was unable to seek a third term in office.

On the Democratic ballot was Virg Bernero while he was up against the GOP candidate Rick Snyder. After 8 years of the Democratic Party’s rule, most of the polls gave an easy win for the Republican Rick Snyder. He was ahead of Virg Bernero by around 15-20% in almost all the polls.

The election result was a reflection of the poll. Rick Snyder won the election by polling 58.1% of the total votes while Virg Bernero got only 39.9% vote share. Rick Snyder won the election by nearly 20% and after 8 years a Republican was back in the Governor’s office as a Governor of Michigan.

2022 Michigan Governor Polls: Candidate Endorsements

1. Gretchen Whitmer (D)

  • 314 Action
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • EMILY’s List
  • Giffords
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Jewish Democratic Council of America
  • United Auto Workers

2. Tudor Dixon (R)

  • American Conservative Union
  • Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan
  • Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee
  • Michigan Chamber of Commerce
  • Bill Huizenga, U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 2nd congressional district (2011–present)
  • Lisa McClain, U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 10th congressional district (2021–present)
  • Mike Shirkey, Majority Leader of the Michigan Senate (2019–present)
  • Former Governor John Engler

2022 Michigan Governor Polls: Demographics

As per the latest 2020 Census Figures, the demographics of the state are as follows:

  • White: 74.9%
  • Black: 14.0%
  • Hispanic: 4.7%
  • Asian: 3.8%
  • Native American: 2.3%

White votes remain a large majority and it’s the same case in both parties’ primaries. Black voters remain a crucial voting bloc for Democrats and they need to ensure Detroit is high, although the city has been hemorrhaging population for decades.

Oakland and Washtenaw County are especially important for Democrats, the latter is home to Ann Arbor and netted the party over 100,000 votes in the 2020 presidential election Meanwhile Grand Rapids and its metro area have been a bright spot for Democrats.

Biden won Grand Rapid’s county of Kent by the largest margin of any Democrat nominee since 1964 when Lyndon B. Johnson won a landslide. Republicans tend to do best in rural areas, white working-class counties in Macomb as well as the “thumb” area in the southeast of the state.

Michigan Governor Polls

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