India’s COVID-19 Struggle: Around 25000 cases in last 24 hours

India’s COVID-19 Struggle : India has been blowing up with record high cases almost every day. In last 24 hours, the number of fresh cases nearly touched the 25,000 mark. Around 24,879 new cases were reported on Wednesday. This took the total count of the country to 7.67 lakhs. More than 4,76,378 people have recovered of the disease caused due to coronavirus. The virus has taken the lives of more than 21,129 people in the country. In the last 24 hours more than 487 people are dead due to the virus.

The top contributors remain Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil Nadu. Also, states like Karnataka and Telangana too have been reporting higher number of cases each passing day.

India has been testing around 2,60,000 samples each day, but they’re still quite less per million population as the population density of the country is very big in number. Despite relatively lower testing rates, India remains in the top three worst hit countries in the World. The number of Covid-19 testing labs stands at 1132 in the country.

Despite such a surge in the number of coronavirus cases each day, the Health Ministry has denied that there is any community transmission in India, as they believe that the criteria for it hasn’t been specified, and there are localized epidemics in the country, but not severe enough to be labelled as a community transmission.

The number of cases and hostspots in the country however tell a different story.

In the national capital, there are more than 500 containment zones, 198 of which were made after 21 June. This new remapping was done to identify the clusters which had accounted for the majority of Delhi’s cases. The areas with the highest number of cases were reported and new containment zones were identified, and as many as 95 of them were also de-contained.

India’s COVID-19 Struggle : Top five states affected by coronavirus are

Tamil Nadu122,35074,1671,700
Uttar Pradesh31,15620,331845

Maharashtra leads the way with the maximum number of cases in India. Each day more than 6,000 cases are registered in the state. Out of these 60000 cases, most of the cases are being registered from Thane and Pune with Mumbai coming in a close 3rd. Maharashtra CM uddhav Thackeray has said that the war against corona cannot be fought alone by the government, but the people will need to fight it too.

In the national capital there seems to be some kind of relief as the number of recovered cases per day is higher than the number of fresh coronavirus cases per day. This trend has been going on for quite some while in the state. The recent highest number of cases in the state was reported on 23 June, when Delhi registered more than 3900 cases. since then the number of fresh cases has been declining.

Why Metropolitan Cities have Reported High Number of Cases?

These metropolitan cities have reported the highest number of cases, and account for more than half of the country’s total number of cases. this  can be due to the high population density in the cities in comparison with smaller cities.

In UP such places like Sitapur and Shahjahanpur have reported less than 200 cases as the population density remains low. The population in Maharashtra is more than 12.2 crores. Mumbai, the capital is overcrowded. Whether it is the flats or the slums, the population density remain relatively high. Particularly in slum areas sanitation and hygiene are difficult to be monitored, nor can social distancing be maintained.

Likewise, in Delhi, the small state which is even difficult to locate on the map due to its size has a population of over 1.9 crores.  

Lastly, due to higher life expectancy, bigger cities have much older population making them more vulnerable to the virus.

Countries such as New Zealand, and Australia have had their share of coronavirus without letting it put the country to a halt, as their population density remained low, and it was easy to follow the protocols issued. These countries were able to curb the virus easily.

The formation of clusters leads to mass spreading of the virus, for which extensive testing needs to be done.

Now that there is emerging evidence of the virus being airborne, people need to be more careful than ever.

Around 25000 cases in last 24 hours : India’s COVID-19 Struggle

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