Short Aricle by R Arpitha, A BJP Supporter

With few weeks left for the assembly polls in the desert state of india , political parties are going all out to woo voters . The ruling BJP has unleashed an aggressive campaign with¬†BJP ‘S TROIKA OF Modi -Shah – Yogi¬†.Congress campaign started with a bang a few months back , in due course completly lost momentum and campaign fizzled much to the disappointment of congress workers mainly due to lack of organisational network and coherent strategy .


Modi began his campaign yesterday at Rajasthan ‘s north west Alwar -Modi ‘s rally attracted more than 2.5 lakh people whereas the same crowd and enthusiasm is missing at Rahul gandhi’s rallies . BJP is seeking people ‘s mandate in Alwar in the name of development . Saffron party is banking on beneficiaries and center’s ujjwala and state ‘s bhamashah scheme .

In terms of electoral politics RSS has remained a pillar of strength and support to bjp .The equation between the two have stood the test of time and many battles .Party sought the support of RSS to draw up a strategy with its 10 lakh foot soldiers to stem the tide of anti incumbency which has been SUCCESSFUL for BJP .

Congress clearly lacks organisational network than BJP enjoys in Rajasthan . Rumours of Gehlot -Pilot infighting will add to the advantage of the party which is hoping for an encore in the coming election .

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