BJP stuns Congress with aggressive Campaigning – BJP Supporter

By Arpitha R-author is a bjp member /supporter

Barely few weeks left for assembly polls , candidates have hit the campaign trail to woo voters . The ruling BJP is putting up an aggressive fight thanks to the huge organisational network that the party enjoys in the desert state .The unprecedented fight by bjp and Amit Shah has caught the congress unawares .


1. Modi Shah Yogi will unleash an aggressive campaign– The Coming days will witness aggressive campaining by Modi -Shah -Yogi -hoping an encore of gujarat 2017

2. Beneficiaries may come to the rescue of bjp, every single household has benefitted


-Bhamashah yojna-25lakh beneficiaries

-Mudra yojna-50l

-Mobile phones toall-50l women have received phones

-40l gas connections under ujjwala yojna

Party has identified beneficiaries at boothlevel . Party needs to conquer every booth to win , if it works well the same rythme will continue said a senior bjp leader.


3. Careful caste arithmetic to swing the mandate in bjp’s favour-


-Rajputs ,brahmins , other uppercastes ,meenas , obc ‘s and women voters solidly backing bjp ,

– Jats , gujjars , and sc’sts may be divided between congress and bjp’ –


BJP is keen on capitalising on congress infighting. Congress lacks the huge organisational network that bjp enjoys what with 10 lakh rss workers slogging it out for the party on ground .

Congress has peaked too early and now a continous downslide as there is no coherent startegy to take on the mighty bjp in rajasthan . 

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