Black Lives Matters : Did you speak against Custodial Deaths of TN Businessmen?

Black Lives Matters : On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest for allegedly using a counterfeit bill. Floyd’s death was marked as homicide after two autopsies. His death triggered worldwide protest. In USA over 2000 cities witnessed demonstrations and protest. Black Lives Matter became campaign all around the world. From common citizens to celebrities everyone came in support of the campaign.

In India on 19th June an incident took place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Two businessmen Jayaraj and Benicks, aka Fenix were booked for not closing their mobile shop in time on June 19 by the Sathankulam police in Tuticorin district in Tamil Nadu. They were both lodged to Kovilpatti jail on June 21.

On 22nd night Jayaraj died and on 23rd morning Benicks died in police custody. Their deaths were more brutal than that of George Floyd. The father-son duo died in police custody. Now, what is more important is that every lives matter. If you did voiced for George Floyd, you ought to voice for the two businessmen of Tamil Nadu killed in police custody. If you aren’t speaking up for them, then this is the problem with the society.

How Celebrities used Black Lives Matters Movement?

After the death of George Floyd, not just in USA but all around world protests were triggered. Amid Coronavirus pandemic, the protest in favor of #BlackLivesMatter became the top trend around the world. In India, celebrities who advertised for fairness creams too came forward in support of Black lives matter.

George Floyd’s death gave an opportunity to these “Fairness Cream” celebrities to gain media attention not just in India but worldwide. However, the death of two businessmen or to say murder of two businessmen in police custody did not provoke these so called “Justice Demanding” celebrities to demand justice for Jayaraj and Fenix. The reason may be simple, their deaths did not grab much of media attention.

Our society has a problem, the common people tend to follow the footsteps of the ones who become famous, specially the ones from the field of entertainment. Most of us justify every actions of these so called celebrities and follow them blindly. But we forget that they are entertainers and their actions are limited to fields or issues that helps them grab media attention. Here are some posts by the Indian celebrities in support of Black Lives Matters but are silent of deaths of Tamil Businessmen:

  1. Tamannah Bhataia
Black Lives Matters

3. Karan Johar

George Floyd’s murder was heinous and so is the murder of father-son duo Chennai. Their deaths is nothing less than George Floyd moment of India. However, if you still haven’t voiced for them but actively demanded justice for George Floyd than this is the problem. The problem of media attention, the problem of being selfish and fishing on the deaths of people.

Four policemen, including two sub-inspectors have been suspended and an inspector has been benched by the state government after the news spread across the state. Tamil Nadu Government has asked Central Bureau of Investigation to probe the case of deaths of Jayaraj and Fenix. But a question arises, is Tamil Nadu Government trying to put the custodial deaths of father-son in storage sensing this might harm them politically?

Jayaraj who was 59 and Fenix who was 31 may have been unable to shut their shop in time stipulated by the state government. Police could have simply warned them or imposed a fine. But when two lives are lost just for a small incident like this then society is shamed. We are already dealing with an invisible enemy, Coronavirus and when the ones who is to ensure the safety of common citizens against the virus becomes reason for your death then a question arises, “Whom do we trust, virus or the Police?” George Floyd’s death did send a message around around the world and so has the deaths of Jayaraj and Fenix.

Whatever be, in the end it is us, the common citizens who suffers? The politicians, the so called celebrities are just an opportunists. Their demand of justice and protest depends upon the media grabbing weight of the incident. Black Lives Matters so does every life. Speak up for every deaths caused by inhuman activities. Once you raise voice against every injustice in society, changes happen. In the end, not just Black Lives Matter but ever lives matter

Black Lives Matters : Are you silent on Custodial Deaths of Two Tamil Businessmen?

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