China bans Eating and Hunting of Wild Animals in Wuhan

Epicenter of Coronavirus, Wuhan, has been famous for all bad reason. From being blamed as creator of COVID-19 to being called as hub of wet market, Wuhan has made its name worldwide for all the negative reasons.

Wuhan, a Chinese city is house to 11 million people and comes under Hubei province. The city has started banning the consumption of wild animal species for the next five years. The city also banned hunting of wild animals within its limits. The city imposed a strict rules on breeding of all wild animals. Local administration has been tasked to make sure that the wild animals are not reared as food.

On 23rd January 2020, the central Chinese Government imposed a lockdown in Wuhan. For 2 months and 2 weeks the city remained in complete lockdown. On 8th April, lockdown in Wuhan came to an end. For 77 days the city was cut off from rest of the world. It must be noted that in February Chinese Central Government temporarily banned the breeding and hunting of animals. Wuhan has been famous for its wet markets. Wild and Exotic animals were openly slaughtered and sold in this City. It is believed that it was these wet markets where Coronavirus originated and was passed on to humans. Soon after the lockdown was lifted, the wet markets in Wuhan were back to life.

Chinese government on 20th of May released a new  regulation on its website banning consumption, hunting and eating of wild animals. The administration also issued an order stating that Wuhan must be a wildlife sanctuary.

The virus that originated from China have created a complete chaos around the world. Till date over 5 million people have been infected and over 3 lakhs people have succumbed to death. United States which is the worst infected by Coronavirus have openly blamed China for the current world situation. US President, Donald Trump never failed to call Coronavirus a Chinese virus. He has also threatened China of severing all ties. Recently more than 100 countries including India came together demanding independent probe of its cases against China.

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