China unleashed Genocide and World Just Watched it

China’s Communist Party lied, misled the world about Coronavirus and its effect on human lives. Dr. Li Wenliang, the Chinese whistle blower, tried to warn the world about the dangers of Coronavirus but he was taken into Custody by the Chinese authority, he was accused of disrupting social order and spreading rumours. Dr. Li Wenliang later died due the same virus, Coronavirus, that he was trying to educated world about. However, it was not just China who misled the world, World Health Organisation (WHO) led by Dr Tedros Adhanom is equally responsible for ongoing catastrophic event.

The transparency of WHO leadership is highly questionable.  Instead of questioning the Chinese authority, WHO complied to all the media information that China made public. In its February report on Mission to China WHO ‘expert’ said “ In the face of previously known virus, China has rolled out perhaps the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease containment effort in history. The country had gained invaluable time for the response I an all-of-government and all-of society approach that has averted or delayed hundreds of thousands of cases, protecting the global community and creating a stronger first line of defense against international spread.”

It must be noted that Dr. Li Wenliang sent the warning about Coronavirus to his fellow medics as early as December 30, 2019. Chinese authority then asked him to stop “making false comment”. World Health Organisation, too did not pay attention to what Li Wenliang wanted the world to know. Instead on January 4th 2020, WHO defended China and called the Coronavirus affected patients in Wuhan to be affected by mere PNEUMONIA cases.

Upping the Game of Defence, WHO issued a statement on January 11, 2020 stating “WHO does not recommend any specific health measures for travellers to and from China. Things did not stop here, on January 14, 2020 WHO issued a statement in its official twitter handle stating Chinese authority have found no human-human transmission of novel Coronavirus.

Dr Wi Wenliang died on February 6th. World Health Organisation expressed its grief over the death of Dr. Wi Wenliang who lost his life to the virus that he wanted the world to know was dangerous since December 2019. WHO remained silent then and even after his death when Coronavirus was already a Global threat WHO did not consider it to declare as Pandemic. It took more than a month that is on 11th March after Wi Wenliang’s death and when virus was out of control, to characterized it as Pandemic.

The truth-seekers of the world may not accept these facts but everyone knows that China did lie, WHO did buy their lies and People around World did die. Not only these when countries started issuing travel ban against China, not just WHO but people around the world tried to stand in solidarity with China. Hugging a Chinese, organizing mass gatherings in support of China rocked the world. The most of it was to be experienced in countries like Italy and cities of United States. Today when data is analysed Italy has the most number of Coronavirus death, even more than China and United States has the most number of COVID19 infected cases in the world. The numbers may not be acceptable because these countries now have more numbers of COVID19 related cases than China’s official number. It must be remember, free media is a myth in China and the country is infamous for it complete isolation when it comes to information sharing with world.

Independent Chinese journalists have tried to write about China’s coverup however on March 11, China banned journalists from major US newspapers. When this will end, history will always remember China as a country that had no care about humanity when it came to defending its economy. By the time the world realizes it the Pandemic that China unleashed might change the world forever.

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