China’s neck tightens with US passing a Sanctions bill

China has placed close to 1 million of its minorities in detention camps

Xinjiang re-education camps - Wikipedia

Today, the US congress passed a sanctions bill against these detentions. The Bill asks the President to put together a list of Chinese Government officials involved in the detentions. The US Government would then target sanctions against these individuals. Iranian and Korean officials already suffer from such sanctions.

Democrats and Republicans have come together because the bill meets both their needs. The democrats want to be seen as doing something for weaker sections while the Republicans want to be seen as being strong against China.

In the meanwhile President Trump cheekily asked India and China if he could mediate between the two countries. By hyphening India and China, he has done what China has been doing with India, place it in a smaller box. China has often spoke about India has operating in a small box called South Asia, now Trump seems to be doing the same thing has he goes all out against China

Not just United States, the EU too is annoyed with China as an unfair trade player, undemocratic actions in HongKong and how it treats it own minorities

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